BCRV is required to ensure that all clients are fully aware and understand ALL the benefits that they are entitled to. Our Financial Services Managers will review each of the following protection plans in full before finalizing the paperwork. 

In the event you become sick, or injured (on the job or otherwise) and can't go to work, don't worry! Our credit protection plan will kick in and make your loan payments until you are well enough to get back to work.

In the event of your untimely passing during the term of your loan, your loan will be paid out in full converting the liability into an asset.

In the event that your unit suffers a mechanical or electrical failure, all you will be responsible for is a small deductible to get it repaired. Avoid those expensive repair bills!

ROAD HAZARD PROTECTION: Coverage for Trailer & Tow Vehicle!
Never pay for a flat tire repair again! Your tire will be replaced if it is damaged by a road hazard and is not repairable. If a rim is damaged to the point where the tire won't hold air, it will be replaced.